Interfloor invests in the future

Interfloor is going from strength to strength says the company chairman Phil Reeder. Since coming under the ownership of Milestone Capital in 2005, the company – formed by the merger of Tredaire and Duralay – has
invested over £5m in new vehicles, environmental improvements, training, product development and marketing.

“These significant investments have enhanced the performance of all aspects of the business, making Interfloor a cleaner and greener, more progressive and efficient organisation with ‘real’ customer focus,” said Reeder.

“As a UK manufacturer and a market leader, we believe initiatives of this nature are part of our responsibility.”

Examples are the highly successful Profit Ability Programme, designed to increase retailers’ underlay sales and profits. Over 300 UK floor coverings retailers are already participating in the first stage.

In support of it’s leading brands – Duralay, Tredaire and Gripperrods – Interfloor invested over £2m in a fleet of new vehicles. A further £3.4m was invested in a regenerative thermal oxidiser to reduce factory emissions.

“We recognise continuous investment in all aspects of the business is the only way to maintain our position and move on to even greater success for ourselves, our customers and our suppliers,” said Reeder. “We look forward to the future with great anticipation and confidence.”