Underlay Applications

Underlay applications used in contract applications

Double-Stick Systems

Used for decorative borders, restaurants, meeting rooms, corridors and reception areas. Recommended products: Duralay Durafit, Technics, Flamecheck and Counterflame.

Underfloor Heating

Specialist underlays for underfloor heating have a high thermal conductivity. This means warmth is able to pass through the flooring without causing overheating. Our range for combination with carpets includes Duralay Heatflow which has a tog rating of 0.75. In conjunction with hard floors, we recommend Silentfloor Gold or Heatflow Wood and Laminate.

Wood & Laminate flooring

The major benefit of using a specialist hard flooring underlay is the reduction in impact sound. The Timbermate sound reduction product ranges reduce in-room sound by up to 30%. Hard floor underlays are also great for protecting floors against moisture damage from a cold subfloor.

Flame Retardant IMO products

In certain situations, particularly public buildings, ships and hotels, a flame retardant underlay is required to meet the building regulations. There are different levels of flame retardancy which are appropriate for different applications.

Tredaire FR7 is particularly suitable for commercial applications like hotels and public buildings. Duralay Counterflame and Tredaire Flamecheck are IMO certified. This makes them popular solutions for the most demanding applications such as cruise ships.


Selecting the right underlay for your project

Our diverse range of products offers the ideal solution to give the contractor and specifier peace of mind. This is why they have been selected as the hotel underlays of choice by most of the leading international hotel groups.

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Our RIBA & BIID approved CPD training provides you with a solid basis for selecting the right underlay for your projects.

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