Environmental & Ethical Responsibilities

We take our environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously. In the last few years
we have achieved a number of significant milestones.

Increasing the proportion of underlays manufactured from recycled products from 16% to 70%+ since 2008

We manufacture most of our underlays from recycled material, our crumb rubber and PU foam underlays contain approximately 80% recycled content. The crumb rubber is made from recycled car tyres and some 3 million are recycled every year to make our underlay;

The first manufacturer to launch low emission adhesives

We produced the first EC1 and EC2 flooring adhesives in 2008.


Reducing our factory emissions by over 90%

In 2008 we invested £3.5m in regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTOs) to eliminate odour, oil particles and VOCs. Although our emissions were already below the legal requirements we have further reduced emissions by over 90%.

Ethical Trading Policy

In 2012 we launched our Ethical Trading Policy. We are committed to implementing the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. The ETI is a ground-breaking alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations.

The full document can be downloaded here.

Green Label Plus

Our underlays hold the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label Plus accreditation, meaning our products conform to the CRI’s high standards for indoor air quality and low VOC emissions.

Carpet Recycling UK

Interfloor is a member of Carpet Recycling UK, a not-for-profit membership association working to reduce the amount of carpet waste being sent to landfill.

Their mission is to promote the diversion from landfill of textile flooring in the UK to resource for sustainable use. Fostering collaborations and networks to achieve viable market-based solutions, encouraging design for recyclability.