Rubber Crumb Cradles

for raised acoustic, sports flooring and external decking
Rubber Crumb Cradles are adaptive, eco-friendly and used extensively in new build, refurbishment and conversion projects. This versatile system provides quick and precise on-site levelling to achieve a wide range of finished floor heights.

Why Rubber Crumb Cradles?

Quick installation and long-lasting performance
Sonixx® Rubber Crumb Cradles offer rapid installation and exceptional, long-lasting performance. Manufactured using recycled rubber crumb, these cradles and base packers can be overlaid with chipboard, plywood, cement particle board or hardwood to produce premier acoustic and sports floors, which can accommodate a diverse range of floor coverings.

Environmentally Friendly
All of the rubber crumb in our cradles is made from used vehicle tyres, ensuring we only use materials that are 100% recycled. They are eco-friendly, durable and come with a 60 year guarantee from date of installation.

Acoustic Performance – 28dB (ΔLw)
The acoustic cradles provide outstanding performance in reducing both impact and airborne sound. As rubber crumb does not deteriorate, Sonixx Rubber Crumb Cradles provide long-lasting and superior acoustic performance.

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How the rubber crumb cradle is used

See below a short animation of how our Rubber Crumb Cradles are used, whether that be for Raised Acoustic, Sports Flooring or External Decking.

How the rubber crumb system works


Easy Levelling
The cradles enable quick and simple levelling of uneven subfloors, through the use of 2mm and 5mm cradle packers positioned
within the cradle legs and below the battens. Additional levelling can be achieved via 10mm and 30mm cradle base packers.



Versatile System
As the cradles are placed directly on the subfloor, no levelling screeds are required. This eliminates the need for wet trades, thereby significantly reducing preparation time and installation costs, as well as streamlining programming and on-site processes. The versatility of the system allows for a wide range of finished floor heights to be achieved.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick, simple and cost effective to install. Cradles are loosely positioned on the subfloor with no fixing required.
  • Exceeds the performance standards required in the UK Building Regulations for airborne and impact sound insulation.
  • System can be levelled to an SR1 classification
  • Compliant with EN 14904 – providing combined-elastic and area-elastic floors.
  • Complies with Rugged Details FFT2
  • Dry and lightweight solution – eliminates wet trades, helping to streamline programming and on-site processes, as well as reducing structural loadings.
  • Increased heights can be achieved with the use of base packers.
  • Accommodates underfloor heating systems, services and insulation by creating a void.
  • Allows access to hatches and fittings for permanent sports equipment.
  • A wide range of floor coverings can be installed above the system.
  • System is maintenance free.

Acoustic Performance – 28dB (ΔLw)

Rubber Crumb Cradle Applications

Rubber Crumb Cradles can be used across a multitude of projects, such as:


Rubber Crumb Cradle Usage

Rubber Crumb Cradles which can be used in the following application

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