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Introducing Sonixx®

In a multi-occupancy space, impact and airborne sound can permeate through to other rooms and floors. Harnessing Interfloor’s technical expertise, the Sonixx® range of products gives specifiers easy-install solutions that incorporate noise reduction directly into the floor at construction stage.

Acoustic Performance*Multi-FitResilient 250Soundsure 400Soundsure 560
No Floor Covering144415195123245727275628
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (2.5mm)205424
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (4.5mm)175121205424
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (5mm)215525215525
Sheet Vinyl (2mm)185122
Linoleum (2.5mm)185222
Laminate (8mm)185222195223195323
Laminate (10mm)17
Engineered Wood (14mm)17175121195323185222
Carpet Tile (Bitumen Backed)306430386836416939
Ceramic Tile (9mm)175021
Ceramic Tiles (10mm)16
Sand / Cement Screed (75mm)245626

* All tested on a 140mm / 5½” thick concrete floor with no ceiling below

Acoustic Performance†Multi-FitResilient 250Soundsure 400Soundsure 560
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (4.77mm)917264917365
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (5mm)927264
Engineered Wood (³/8”)796760

† Tested with a floor-ceiling assembly – 152mm / 6” thick concrete slab.

Acoustic Performance‡ Multi-FitResilient 250Soundsure 400Soundsure 560
Luxury Vinyl Tiles (5mm)572354592454

 ‡ Tested on a 203mm / 8” thick concrete slab with no ceiling below. 


Multi-FitResilient 250Soundsure400Soundsure560
Luxury Vinyl & SPC Tiles / Planks (Dryback) ≥ 2.5mm
Luxury Vinyl & SPC Tiles / Planks (Click Joint) ≥ 3.0mm
Woven Vinyl Tiles / Planks (Dryback) ≥ 2.5mm
Loose Lay Vinyl & SPC Tiles / Planks ≥ 3.0mm
Sheet Vinyl
Linoleum (2.5mm)
Laminate (Click Joint)✓ preferred
Engineered Wood (Click Joint / Tongue & Groove)✓ preferred
Solid Wood (Tongue & Groove)
Bamboo (Tongue & Groove)✓ preferred
Parquet Flooring (No Joint System)✓ preferred
Carpet Tiles✓ preferred
Broadloom Carpet
Natural Floor Coverings
Ceramic / Porcelain / Natural Stone Tiles**
Underscreed Resilient Layer
IMO Certified

** An approved pre-mixed flexible grout must be used for all installations.


In modern architecture, the wellbeing of the end user is a crucial factor, and the key to providing a better standard of living comes from the design of the building itself. Sonixx® was developed to deliver technical high-performance underlayment for industry, implementing sound insulation requirements into the fabric of each build.

  • Apartments and Hotels
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Commercial Developments
  • Healthcare
  • Schools and Education Projects
  • Hospitality
  • Private Homes
  • Retail

Engineered by experts

Made in the UK

Guaranteed for 10 years

The Sonixx® Guarantee. Sonixx® high performing acoustic underlays are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. View further details.

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