Interfloor has become the first underlay manufacturer to be ISO 14001 compliant

As part of its continuing commitment to environmental and sustainability management, Interfloor has become the first underlay manufacturer to be ISO 14001 compliant.

In addition, another two quality and environmental standard accreditations were awarded: ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

The recognition by the international standards body, ISO, means that Interfloor has met rigorous standards and put its management systems under the spotlight.

Interfloor has been leading on the green agenda for some time developing innovative products. ISO 14000 acknowledges Interfloor’s forward thinking agenda as it is primarily concerned with environmental management, paying particular attention to how as a business, it has minimised harmful effects on the environmental caused by manufacturing activities.

CEO John Cooper said: “It’s a testament to all my colleagues that we have been awarded this trio of coveted ISO standard accreditations. This is more than a paper exercise; we have shown that we meet the strict standards set by an international and independent non-government body.

“We will continue on our continuous improvement journey and I am delighted that ISO 14000 acknowledges our strong commitment to ensure our products will have the least harmful impact on the environment, either during production or disposal, either by pollution or by depleting natural resources.”