Where do I buy underlay for a commercial or residential project? Take a look at the map above to find your nearest Interfloor store where you can purchase a luxury underlayment for your project.

Here is your ultimate guide to buying flooring underlay.

Just take a look at the underlay buying map above to find your nearest underlay store.


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Why Buy Underlay from Interfloor? 

Interfloor has been providing the highest quality carpet underlays since the 1940s. Treadaire sensation is one of the most luxurious you can buy. 

So here’s a list of reasons why you should buy your underlay from us:

Interfloor were amongst the first carpet underlay manufacturers in the UK. We have been working relentlessly to ensure that your floors feel as comfortable as possible underfoot when you buy underlay from Interfloor.

We now offer a wide range of flooring and carpet underlays. These include polyurethane foam, sponge rubber, and crumb rubber underlays online. 

At Interfloor you can buy a range of thickness and tog ratings to suit your requirements. 

Where Can I Buy Carpet Underlay UK?

At Interfloor, we have an exceptional selection of carpet underlayments for your private, commercial, or residential project. Browse our high-quality Duralay and Tredaire brands and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect underlayment for the job. Once you’re set on the right underlay for you, just take a look at the map to locate your nearest Interfloor centre. 

Best Carpet Underlay

There are many different types of flooring underlay you can buy for a multitude of purposes. The most popular solutions utilise either foam underlays or a rubber underlay. At Interfloor, we specialise in polyurethane foam, sponge rubber, and crumb rubber carpet underlays.

Buying carpet underlay can be difficult as different underlays serve different purposes. This guide should help you to discover which type of carpet underlay will work best for you. 

Polyurethane Foam (PU) Underlay 

So why should I buy Polyurethane foam underlay?

You should buy a PU foam underlay if you are looking for a basic, all-round underlay.

Polyurethane foam is a cheap carpet underlay with surprising benefits. 

Polyurethane underlay is very common in the UK, with many carpet and flooring fitters recommending this product. This material is light and malleable, making it a dream to work with. 

The PU underlay is comprised of completely recycled materials. As well as this, the materials can be used yet again after its long life of carpet underlay. 

The obvious advantage of a PU carpet underlay would be that it is extremely comfortable underfoot. The soft underlay acts as a shock absorber for your feet, making your floor much more comfortable to walk on. 

Polyurethane foam is an extremely durable and hard-wearing material and can increase the life span of your carpet. As well as this, PU provides huge heat insulation benefits and helps to retain heat. This will reduce the heating costs of your property and can be used as a budget alternative to underfloor heating.

PU underlay also provides exceptional sound deadening qualities. This helps to reduce the sound of footsteps and knocking through the floors. 

Sponge Rubber Underlay 

Here are several reasons why you should buy sponge rubber underlay:

You should buy a sponge rubber underlay if you wish to combine an underlay with underfloor heating.

Sponge rubber underlays have been popular since the 1950s due to their superior feel underfoot. Sponge rubber underlays are also highly versatile and can be used to find solutions for many problems. 

The underlay is available in either a flat profile or a waffle profile. Each offering its advantages.

Sponge rubber underlays are renowned for being excellent sound insulators. Thicker sponge rubber underlays help to reduce both impact and airborne sounds. 

The sponge rubber underlay also acts as a great heat insulator. Unlike polyurethane underlays, the sponge rubber underlay can be used with underfloor heating. A thinner sponge rubber underlay with a low tog rating will allow the heat from underfloor heating to pass-through. This will allow your floor to be comfortable and heated. 

Crumb Rubber Underlay 

Here are some reasons why you should buy crumb rubber underlay:

You should buy a crumb rubber underlay if you are looking for an extremely durable and long-lasting underlay. 

All of our crumb rubber underlays are produced using recycled materials, such as car tyres.

This underlay would be the perfect purchase for large rooms where there is heavy traffic. The crumb rubber underlay is the only underlay proven to fully recover after a heavy load has been placed upon it. 

This underlay is so resilient, it has been proven to increase the lifetime of your carpet by up to 50%.

Crumb rubber underlays are also highly effective for reducing both impact and airborne sounds, as well as acting as an insulator of heat. 

Buying Your Underlay from Interfloor 

Use our map above to locate your nearest Interfloor store and buy carpet underlay online today. 

You can buy all the essential underlay equipment from any of our stores, including carpet gripper, floor edgings, flooring adhesives, tapes, and tools.