Why underlay

Underlay sits beneath your flooring to provide a range of different benefits. High-quality underlay will protect your flooring against heavy wear and extend its lifespan. We specialise in comfortable and insulating underlays that add a touch of premium to your property. You will need the right type of underlay for the subfloor in your home. Our underlay products are ideal for most floor types, including carpet, laminate, vinyl, and wood.

The Best for Comfort

The best for comfort

Our luxurious range of underlays deliver cushioning to make your carpets so much more comfortable. High-quality underlay enhances the elasticity of the flooring in your home, so it better absorbs impacts, and cushions your feet when you walk.

Comfortable Underlays
Makes Carpets Look Better

Makes carpets look better

Underlays absorb shock and impacts from footfall and heavy usage, enabling your carpet to retain its spring for longer. This prevents the pile from flattening and protects your carpet, so it looks brand new for its lifetime.

Improves your Insulation

Improves your insulation

Our great value underlays have high tog ratings, meaning they better insulate a room. The thick materials block cold air and prevent warm air from escaping. Underlays provide an extra barrier to retain heat and could help cut your energy bills by up to 15%.

Stay Warm

Helps to reduce noise

A carpeted floor with an underlay will act as a barrier to sound, helping you to enjoy a quieter home. Underlays for wood and laminate floors can reduce in-room noise by up to 30%. They also reduce noise in rooms below.

Reduce Impact Sound

Makes carpets last longer

Our products act as a shock absorber against wear and tear, extending the lifetime of your carpet by up to 50%. A good underlay also protects your flooring against moisture from the subfloor to prevent damage from dampness.

Floor Backing Makes a Difference

Improves hygiene

Your underlay will also act as a barrier to embedded dirt. Carpet underlay preserves the carpet pile, making it easier to clean and more hygienic. We stock the best underlying that also repels moisture to prevent damp stains and smells in your house.


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