Fast Grab Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive STK300

Fast Grab Multi-Purpose Flooring Adhesive

STK300 is a versatile, water based synthetic latex multi-purpose adhesive which has exceptional bond strength, fast grab, is easy to trowel and is non staining.

STK300 is suitable for hessian, Action back, needle punch, rubber, gel & latex backed carpets, non-plasticised vinyl floor coverings & cushioned vinyl. STK300 is not suitable for use on plasticised PVC.

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Sub-floor usage

Specification and storage

  • Concrete
  • Flooring grade hardboard
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Sand/cement screed
  • Proprietary good quality self-smoothing underlayments

Asphalt & surface membranes should be treated with at least a 3mm coating of smoothing compound before applying adhesive.

Pack Size:

Approximately 2-3mper kg, depending on the porosity of the substrate and thickness of the adhesive film.

12 months if stored between 5-25°C in a cool dry area, in original unopened containers. Protect from frost.

Open Time:
Up to 30 minutes depending on conditions: Temp, Humidity, and surfaces to be treated.