The most durable underlay products

When it comes to busy home life, it is inevitable that some areas of your house will experience more traffic than others. This continuous footfall can unfortunately cause more wear and tear to your carpets. It’s therefore important to make sure you choose an underlay that is durable and resistant to protect your flooring in these parts of your home.

There are a number of domestic rooms that typically experience a heavy amount of footfall and therefore would benefit from a quality underlay. These include hallways, where there is a lot of traffic down one narrow path, as well as stairs, where the edge of the carpet on the tread wears quickly.

In addition to this, rooms that feature heavy furniture items can also benefit from a durable underlay. This is because it will be more effective in resisting ‘point loading’, which is when heavy furniture causes irritating indentations in your carpets. This is common in dining rooms and lounges, where tables, chairs and sofas can cause accelerated wear and tear to your flooring.

If you’re looking for the best underlays for domestic settings, our PU foam underlays typically demonstrate good durability. However, crumb rubber is the ultimate underlay product when it comes to durability in any application and out-performs all other underlay types.

We recommend Durafit® 650, Durafit® 500 and System Ten as our best underlay products for their exceptional durability.