What types of floor edgings are there?

Angle edge 

Angled edgings create a smooth transition between flooring types of different levels i.e. different floors in an open plan layout or between doorways. They can be used with tile, laminate, wood, aluminium, vinyl and carpet to join the floors together. Interfloor can supply drill down or self-adhesive edgings depending on your flooring requirements. 

Cover strip

Carpet cover strips fasten your carpet together to provide a neat transition between two carpets in doorways or between different carpet types. 

Carpet Edge

Ideal for doorways, carpet edges hold the carpet taught, concealing and protecting the carpet edge of stretch in carpets and providing a neat finish.

Carpet tile edging

Protects the exposed edges of loose laid carpet tiles where the carpet doesn’t meet a wall.

Dual grip

Dual grip edgings hold two types of flooring together, including vinyl and carpet. They protect the flooring from damage as well as providing a neat and seamless appeal. 

Euro Coverstrip

Ideal for wood and laminate, this self-adhesive type of floor strip joins and covers flooring types of different levels. Protecting it from damage and adding to the aesthetics of the room. 

Matwell Edging

As well as providing an attractive finish for your installation, this carpet and vinyl Matwell edging has a ridged surface, which provides a non-slip finish. The edging comes undrilled and can be glued or fastened down. 

 Extra-wide cover strip

The widest available cover strip, this is ideal for carpet to carpet, or vinyl to vinyl installations. Especially for covering difficult joins between floor coverings where there is damage or a large gap in between them. 

The extra-wide profile is great between doorways, thresholds and different floor types, providing great protection to your flooring. The aluminium designs we stock include fixings.

Round edge

This edging is ideal for use on wood to wood, wood to laminate, and laminate to laminate floorings of different levels. Interfloor products are designed to provide a neat and seamless finish every time. 

Square edge

Square edging is the perfect finishing touch for laminate and wood floors, providing an attractive aesthetic, masking imperfections in joins and cuts. Our square edgings require no fixings. 

Stair nosing

Stair nosings lengthen stairs to prevent accidents and protect the flooring as well as disguising the point where two flooring types meet. Our aluminium nosings include anti-slip black ribbed vinyl inserts to further prevent against slipping. This is ideal for use on busy stairways. 

Vinyl Coverstrip

This cover strip joins all grades and thickness of floor vinyl coverings. Vinyl cover strips provide a Great finish touch to your flooring. 

Vinyl Edge

This type of edging keeps vinyl floor secure and protected as well as adding a professional finish and a sophisticated charm to the flooring.

Zig Zag

Provides a neat and professional transition between carpet and laminate, hard flooring and adjacent stretch carpet installation. The design facilitates a snug fit to both surface edges, ensuring a smooth transition from one surface to another.