Innovative new trailer restraint system a win-win for Interfloor & Xpo Logistics

The team behind a new trailer restrain system – the first of its kind in the UK – has been recognised for its innovative invention which allows larger loose loads to be carried more safely.

Flooring and accessories manufacturer Interfloor and its supply chain partner XPO Logistics have been working on a new restraint system suited to the loose loads or “ugly freight” its trailer fleet delivers to over 2000 UK outlets every week from Interfloor’s manufacturing sites in Lancashire and Scotland.

Wayne Robinson of XPO and Mark Jennings of Interfloor with the XPO award.
Wayne Robinson of XPO and Mark Jennings of Interfloor with the XPO award.

XPO Logistics has been servicing Interfloor’s UK deliveries since 2012 with an inherited fleet of 40 trailers using a spring loaded poles restraint system which was difficult to manoeuvre by the drivers and prone to failing. A review of the system and available alternatives more suited to Interfloor’s “ugly freight” led to the Interfloor and XPO Logistics team designing their own bespoke system using side bars attached on rollers that run along a track that is mounted to the roof.

Every year XPO Logistics holds the Summit Awards to recognise those people in the business who have gone above and beyond to improve areas such as Health and Safety, Commercials and Customer Service. This year, XPO Logistics Contracts Manager Wayne Robinson, who has worked with Interfloor for over three years and led the team developing the new restraint system, received the Health & Safety Award.

Commenting, he said: “We initially designed two concept trailers with the help of suppliers and the results were impressive. The new system is much easier to operate and less likely to fail thanks to the rolling side bars so the impact on safety for our drivers, customers and the general public has been significant.

“Although it’s my name on the XPO Logistics award, this has been very much a team effort, and more importantly Interfloor will see the benefits as a result of the system’s introduction.”

XPO Logistics now has 25 trailers with the new system, with the rest of the 40-strong fleet due to be delivered in the first quarter of 2017.

Interfloor CEO, John Cooper said: “This is an important invention for our logistics team which will improve safety for our drivers on the road and also our customers during unloading. The ability to carry larger loads more safely is a fantastic outcome, and Wayne and his team are worthy winners of XPO’s award.”